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Simple and Clean
...Just Another Icon Journal.
This is a totally irrevelent post that shouldn't go there, but since I now have no other journal, alas, I need to rant about one thing, one thing !! XD

I'm a woman.
I love chocolate.
There are 5 days/month when I let myself indulge with as much as I want.
I want chocolate fudge.
I tried to make it!
I dunno what it is! I'm a good cook, but when it comes to making fudge...

I sure do have a lot to learn. ;___;

Fudge... is my favorite sweet by far. So it is sad that I cannot craft it with my own hands! UUUAAARGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I am going to have to... stoop low and buy that Eagle box mix. XD At least it is still delicious. o.o
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9 KH2 icons under the cut.

Kh2 iconsCollapse )

Images used:
1800 KH2 Ingame Caps
KH2 FMV Caps
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Been a long time. :D
8 FF12 IconsCollapse )

Resource: 1000+ FF12 FMV Screens here

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9 crappyRandom KH2 Icons. Want like 2k Kh2 screenshots?! Go here! 8D


Kh2 Icons~Collapse )
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Batch of 16 Final Fantasy X Icons made from cutscene screenshots.

You can get the screenshots At this link!

Preview: To the icons~Collapse )
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Random mixed batch of Various Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts Icons. My next batch of icons will probably be all animations, for I really feel like doing animations right now. @__@;

- 5 Final Fantasy X
- 5 Kingdom Hearts II
- 2 Final Fantasy XIII
- 2 Final Fantasy Agito XIII
- 2 Final Fantasy IX
- 1 Final Fantasy Versus XIII
- 1 Final Fantasy X-2
- 1 Advent Children

(v . _ . v )Collapse )

And I've had this light texture set for a long time but never posted it. If you want it, grab it, but please comment. I used a lot of these in the icons above, so use those for examples, namely numbers 17, 13, & 16. ^^ I shall make more soon.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Imagepack @ Deviantart

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Eight Final Fantasy XIII Icons.

FF13 FTW!~Collapse )

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26 Dirge of Cerberus and Final Fantasy X icons. Some are just variants of others. ^^' Textless and so on.

- Comment if taking!
- Credit not required but appreciated.
- Feel free to add text on textless, but please don't claim as own/redistribute.
- Credits for textures in user info. Others made by self.
- My DoC Screens are here and FFX are here!

This is a cut - a cut it isCollapse )

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Just finished my RikuxSora claim at oblivion_castle so, I figured I would share them with everyone now! Warning: SPOILERS~!

- No hotlinking!
- Comments are good! Please comment if you take any!
- Credit is also good, but I won't be mad if you forget. ^^


I'm not witty - therefor we will not have a cut title.Collapse )

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Imagepack @ Deviantart

- Comment if you take! ^^
- No Credit Required, but appreciated.
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